Take your Crypto Project to Another Level.

Fill out the form below and we will manually review your submission and list your crypto project under the category “crypto gems“. Please make sure that we do not list any other crypto project, we review every important and related thing to your project manually. The listing might take up to 2 weeks after submitting the request. Please be patient, we will inform you when we are ready with the decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What happens after submitting request?

After we receive your request, our team starts doing research about your project and verifies your details. The entire process of research and audit, takes about 2 weeks.

What should I consider filling the form?

Make sure, you fill out the correct details. Because if we find, any kind of issue, we will reject that request and will not list your project. Also, do not fill the form multiple times. Reviewing will take time.

What happens if my request is rejected or approved?

Once, we are ready with a decision, we will inform you by email. In case, we reject your project’s request, please do not ask us for a re-review. Our decision is made for once and final.

What are the benefits if my crypto project gets listed?

Since, we list a project under the category of “crypto gems“. And people are looking for crypto gems always, they can easily find about your project. It will help your project in marketing, backlinks, attracting investors, increases visibility of your coin and much more.