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Crypto Gems are the underrated coins that have a huge potential in the future. They are difficult to find, but not impossible. We do the research for you! Read Disclaimer

How we find crypto gems?

We do the deep research and analysis of a crypto project before listing crypto gems. We consider several factors and they are:

are they legit or another scam project?

First and foremost, we check if the project is a scam or not. If it is, there’s no point to proceed. This is done by examining…

Their reputation in the market

The efforts and hard work of the team. Do they have a history and do they have a published code? Their mission and vision? What is their whitepaper?

Do they solve a problem?

Do they solve a problem? What is their use case? Idea behind their crypto project? Do they help or ease someone? What is their target audience?

Will it have a significance in future?

This is the most important question to have an answer to determine a project as a crypto gem. We examine their idea, and will it sustain in future?

their community and fan following

Their active community. The interest of people in their project. Do they believe in the project? Their social media activities. Do they provide valuable content?

RoadMap, marketing and strategies, investors, etc.

What is their Roadmap? Are they working enough to achieve their targets? Do they have any investors? Their blog? Their Business and Marketing Strategies?

crypto gems

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the crypto gems

Crypto Gems is a team of successful investors and traders, who are nothing, but a crypto enthusiasts just like you. We’ve been consistently working to provide you a better experience in your crypto journey.

the process is easy

How to use crypto gems?


Get an idea

We list only strong crypto projects. Get an idea and start Doing Your Own Research.


Do Your Own research

We only provide you a possibility, not a confirmation. You should always do your own research before investing your money.


Invest or not? Upto you

If you like the crypto project, you can consider investing in it. But, remember, crypto gems will not be responsible for your profit or loss.

what they say?

We’ve helped thousands of people move

Crypto gems not only help beginners, but also traders and others who are looking for an investment. Read TrustPilot reviews.


Codey Joyner

Data analyst


“I could get an idea of the crypto market updates and technology behind it. What’s happening actually other than the price actions. It is very informational, and helpful for investors.”

crypto gems

Eren Hill

HR Manager


“I am always looking for long-term investments so as to secure my family’s future. But, I was so confused, about where to invest. Now I get an idea and research is now very easy for me to do.”

crypto gems

Emanuel Sadler

Blockchain Developer


“Our crypto project attracted a lot of new investors just like getting our project listed on crypto gems. It’s a really helpful platforms for every one and all of us.”

You ask, we answer

Do you have any extra questions? We would love to answer them. Just leave us a mail, and we will get back to you. Some FAQs are already answered.

Crypto Gems is a platform that do the deep research to find a crypto gem. Crypto Gems is a Crypto Guide Product.

Investment is always your decision. We only provide you an idea. Your investment will have profit or loss. We do not gurantee any of it.

If you do invest in any of the crypto gem listed. We strongly recommend you to HODL for a long term and That could bring a life chnaging fortune. But it is not guranteed.

If this is the case, We would love to have a conversation with you regarding this. Kindly leave us a email and we will revert back to you. Or you can fill the form here.

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This should not be considered financial advice. Crypto Guide will not be responsible for your profit or loss on your investment. investing will be all your decision. You should always do your own research before investing your money.

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